CBD oil for cats has experienced tremendous popularity due to its growing interest from human healthcare practitioners and wellness enthusiasts alike. Cannabidiol (CBD), found naturally within cannabis plants, is well known for its therapeutic effects. This blog post investigates using CBD for cats as medicine including its benefits, safety concerns, dosage regimen and best products available.

Understanding CBD Oil for Cats

CBD supplements help the feline Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which regulates various bodily processes including sleep, appetite, pain management and immune system response. CBD can promote homeostasis while offering health benefits via interaction with ECS; note however that while it comes from cannabis it does not produce the “high” associated with THC; both compounds found within cannabis.

Is CBD Safe for Cats?

Pet owners frequently ask themselves this question regarding CBD’s safety for cats. While research on its effects in cats remains scarce, available studies and anecdotal reports show it to be generally well tolerated; although cats may absorb or eliminate CBD differently than dogs due to differences in absorption/excretion rates; potentially creating the need for further cat-specific research studies. Adverse effects, including gastrointestinal upset, sedation and elevated liver enzyme levels have been noted – it’s best to consult a vet prior to administering CBD to make sure whichever side effects it may present prior.

Dosage Guidelines for Cats

Establishing the ideal CBD dosage for cats is of vital importance, with most experts suggesting 2-6 mg per 10 pounds of bodyweight daily as an ideal starting dose. Aim for gradual increases while monitoring any reactions such as behavioral or health changes from CBD treatment; adjust accordingly if your cat exhibits discomfort from any changes; always refer to product labels for detailed dosage instructions.

Choosing the Right CBD Product

Consider factors like type of CBD product you would like (full spectrum, broad-spectrum or THC free), third party lab testing results, clear dosing instructions and ease of administration when selecting one for your cat. Full-spectrum CBD typically contains various cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC while broad spectrum does not. An isolate-based (THC free) tincture would likely be safer as THC has not yet been shown safe for pets; products should also be verified for purity and potency by independent labs while they should provide recommendations based on size/health needs of both sizes or breed.

Top CBD Brands for Cats

Cats have become the focus of several high-quality CBD brands that specialize in them, providing a diverse selection of products and concentrations on the market. Some notable premium brands like TribePETS and Relievet specialize in all-natural hemp CBD products that come with multiple formulations and flavors; there have even been positive reviews regarding their safety for cats! When selecting one for yourself it is important to take your cat’s preferences and health needs into consideration before making your choice.

Consulting with a Veterinarian

Before adding CBD into your cat’s standard treatment regime, it’s crucial that they consult a holistic veterinarian with experience using CBD. They can ensure its safety, efficacy, and appropriate dosing according to his/her specific medical condition; in addition to helping determine any possible drug interactions or adverse side effects which require further investigation. While veterinarians may suggest CBD for alleviating pain relief or end of life issues for your feline friend’s struggles – always confirm with them first before proceeding!


CBD oil for cats is becoming an increasing focus, due to potential health benefits. Research into this field remains limited but early indications indicate it could be safe and beneficial when administered appropriately; choosing the appropriate product and dosage as well as consulting your vet are crucial steps in assuring feline safety and wellness. As time progresses more research will shed more light onto CBD’s role in feline wellbeing.