Simple Interest is a process through which we can find out the interest on a particular principal amount.

You must have seen that people borrow money from banks or other people and, in return, return the money with interest.

Simple interest is a means through which we can easily find out how much money we have lent and how much interest has been earned on it.

In today’s article, I will tell you how to write a C code to calculate simple interest.

The formula for Calculating Simple Interest

(P * n * r): principal amount * Number of Years * Rate of interest

C Program to calculate simple interest.

//C Program of simple interest
#include <stdio.h>

/*pr=principal amount , n = number of years, rate = rate of interest ,si= simple interest*/

int main() {
   int pr,n;
   float rate,si;

   n =2;

   //Formula of simple interest ( p*n*r/100)
   si = pr*n*rate/100;
   printf("Interest in 2 years= %f\n",si);

   printf("Your Total amount = %f",pr+si);
    return 0;

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