Stephen Anthony Cartisano was an esteemed member of Durant, Oklahoma community for more than six decades and will always be fondly recalled and revered by all who knew and cared about him. On May 4, 2019 at age 63 he left an indelible mark that will stay with us, Stephen Cartisano will always be honored and remembered fondly.

Who Was Stephen Anthony Cartisano?

Born August 15, 1955 in Modesto, California to Anthony Cartisano and Bonnie Lou Coley, Stephen later gained adopted parents Troy H. Harwell and Inez E (Akins) Harwell who provided him with guidance through life’s many experiences and milestones. Stephen embarked upon his life journey surrounded by loving families he later adopted such as Troy Harwell’s and Inez E Harwell’s. Early experiences and achievements from California served to set Stephen on his course towards great things in his future endeavors.

What Defined Stephen’s Early Air Force Career?

Stephen served in the Air Force from 1974-1984 as part of Aerospace Para Rescue Recovery Unit 129th ARRS and quickly earned himself recognition as “one of the finest survivalists” within military. This period marked not only his early career, but also provided essential foundation for future endeavors.

How Has Stephen Impacted Wilderness Survival Programs?

Stephen was an innovator after leaving military service, creating wilderness survival training programs for troubled teens. With decades of survival training experience under his belt and programs that provided direction and purpose for many individuals in his program. Stephen saw this work not as just his profession; rather it represented his dedication and desire to making positive contributions in other’s lives.

What Role Did Family Play in Stephen’s Life?

Stephen married Deborah Lee Carr on December 15, 1978 in Provo, Utah and became an incredibly devoted husband to Deborah until his passing away at age 65 on May 17, 2011. As well as caring for four of his own children – Jennifer, Catherine, David, and Daniel – and Jack and Olivia Sparlin as grandchildren, his love was clearly demonstrated through all aspects of his life devoted to family he held dear. He truly treasured every minute spent with them.

How Did Stephen Reconnect With His Cultural Heritage?

Stephen was deeply connected to his heritage. He took great pride in his roots, participating in tribal activities with great energy; these cultural ties formed part of who he was and were held close in his heart.

What Was Stephen’s Role in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

Stephen was an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and valued it greatly as part of both his identity and personal growth. His devotion was demonstrated both through participation as an expression of faith he held dear, as well as revered among fellow churchgoers for being someone known for both honesty and integrity.
Who Are Stephen’s Relatives Today?

Stephen will be deeply missed by his children Jennifer, Catherine, David and Daniel; grandchildren Jack and Olivia; former wife Deborah; brothers Marc and Chris Cartisano and extended family including half-siblings, nieces,nephews and friends he touched throughout his lifetime. His legacy lives on in all that will carry forward his memory.

What Are the Details of Stephen’s Funeral Service?

On Saturday morning at 10:00 AM at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Durant Oklahoma a funeral service will take place to remember Stephen. Led by Bishop Roger Clawson and hosted by family, it will serve as a celebration of life as well as its impact in Durant community. An evening visitation and light meal are planned before service starts for this event.

How Will Stephen Be Remembered?

Stephen Anthony Cartisano will always be remembered fondly in Durant as a dedicated servant, loving father and grandfather, pioneer in wilderness survival, proud member of their church community and church family, an example of dedication passion love; Durant mourns his passing but his legacy of service, innovation and family devotion will live on to inspire future generations and give inspiration within Durant itself.

Stephen Cartisano lived a full and satisfying life that left an indelible mark on everyone who knew him – from his days in the Air Force, his innovative work with troubled teens, his dedication to family life and deep-seated values, all to name just some of his achievements and contributions. While Durantians gather today to remember and honor him, Stephen’s memory will live on in many hearts he touched over his long lifetime – leaving an imprintful reminder for future generations that love truly does never die!