The tragic passing of Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger – who bravely put himself at risk during a school shooting on January 4th – has had an immense impact both locally and beyond. Marburger’s brave act during this attack demonstrated both how dangerous situations educators face as well as the lasting positive changes educators can have on students and communities they serve. His death confirmed by Caldwell Parrish Funeral Home & Crematory is yet another reminder of heroism and sacrifices made in education sector professions like his passing by Caldwell Parrish Funeral Home & Crematory confirms this tribute to heroism and sacrifice made in this sector by all involved in its ranks.

The Tragic Incident

On January 4th, an ordinary morning at Perry High School turned tragic when a shooting occurred in its cafeteria. While students gathered for breakfast prior to classes, a 17-year-old student opened fire, killing an 11-year-old middle schooler and injuring six more; Principal Dan Marburger courageously intervened by placing himself between the shooter and his students – an act that critically wounded him himself.

A shooting that began inside and then spilled outside was an explosive shock to this small community. Dylan Butler, identified as the shooter, was equipped with both a pump-action shotgun and small caliber handgun; additionally authorities discovered and disarmed an IED found among his belongings; leaving many horrified by what should have been a safe space for learning and growth.

Marburger’s Heroism and Legacy

Dan Marburger had served Perry High School since 1995, dedicating himself to providing quality education and safeguarding the welfare of his students and staff. When an attack took place at Perry, his heroic actions didn’t surprise those familiar with him – Claire Marburger described her father as an ever-prepared “gentle giant”, always looking out for their safety first and always prioritising it over any personal gains or ambitions for himself or any others in charge of staff or students alike. The state Department of Public Safety applauded Dan for his selfless acts – actions which undoubtedly saved lives!

Dan Marburger left behind an impressionable legacy as one who stood as an embodiment of courage, commitment, and compassion; qualities which earned him immense respect from members of Perry Community. Superintendent Clark Wicks paid his last respects by hailing him a “hero”, acknowledging his integral part in intervening with gunman to allow for students’ escape. Dan Marburger will always be remembered fondly in Perry.

Community Response and Mourning

Principal Marburger’s death brought out an extraordinary outpouring of support from within and outside Perry community and beyond, with nearly 200 posting their condolences within an hour after news was shared of his demise on Perry Facebook page and GoFundMe page set up to assist his family receiving both financial assistance and emotional comfort from people of various walks. People came forward from all backgrounds expressing grief while offering help.

Mourners in Perry High School community mourn not just a principal; rather it represents collective sorrow over losing a protector, leader and role model in Marburger. Her death at Perry has created an irreparable hole within many who knew and loved him while raising questions regarding school safety as educators struggle with keeping students healthy and safe.


Dan Marburger’s death as an outstanding principal who displayed true heroism and dedication has left a deep mark on Perry community. His heroic actions during a moment of crisis and dedication to education will not soon be forgotten by members. As they mourn his passing, members also honor his legacy: we remember him not just because of how he died but for how he lived – with courage, compassion and an unflinching dedication towards serving students who needed his services; his life’s journey will reminding us all how important educators play roles within society – Dan’s actions will continue to inspire us while remind us how critical role educators play within society.