Dennis Ritchie was the man behind the creation of the C programming language, which first appeared in 1972.

The US-based AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) laboratory is where Dennis Ritchie invented and developed the C programming language.

As a result, Dennis Ritchie is also widely regarded as the father of the C programming language.

History of C Programming

If we discuss the history of the C programming language, it begins in 1960 with the creation of the first block-supporting computer language, ALGOL, by the International Group.

Following this, in 1967, Martin Richards made some significant modifications to the ALGOL programming language and invented a new one called BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language).

Then, in 1970, three years later, Ken Thompson implemented some of his add-ons in BCPL and developed a brand-new programming language called B.

Although Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson worked together to develop this programming language, Ken Thompson was the one who created it.

After some time had passed, Dennis Ritchie discovered various flaws in the B language and made numerous changes to it before creating the new computer language C in the American AT&T Bell Labs.

Dennis Ritchie initially developed the C programming language primarily for use in writing code for the UNIX operating system.

Following this, the C programming language went through periodic changes, and several additional programming languages, including K&R C, ANSI C, ANSI/ISO C, C99, and others, were developed using this.

A Table Form;

ALGOL1960International Group
BCPL1967Martin Richard
B1970Ken Thompson
C 1972Dennis Ritchie
K & R C1978Kernighan & Dennis Ritchie
ANSI C1989ANSI Committee
ANSI/ISO C1990ISO Committee
C991999Standardization Committee

This was the brief of Evolution and History of C Language that I gave you all so that everyone could understand it and be knowledgeable of how C was created.