Guy Madison East of Westfield, Indiana passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on December 27, 2022 at age 63. Born December 9, 1959 in Redwood City, California – and beloved son to James and Allegra East – his life was marked with academic and athletic achievements from an early age – graduating North Central High School with distinction in 1978 before attending Purdue University for degrees in Building Construction Management, Architectural Engineering as well as furthering his knowledge with an MS in Engineering Management degree from Milwaukee School of Engineering. His dedication was clearly apparent, having earned degrees in Building Construction Management as well as Architectural Engineering degrees during this period before further refining his knowledge at Purdue.

What Were the Characteristics of Guy’s Family Life?

Guy lived a life defined by love and commitment. After marrying Marsha Palmer as his high school sweetheart, they embarked upon nearly four decades of companionship together; being blessed with five children together: Guy Eldon, James Davidson, Andrew Dean, Christine Grace and Grant Madison with eight grandchilden between them (plus counting!). Guy will live on in his legacy through them all!

How Did Guy Contribute to His Community and Profession?

Guy led an impactful professional life. A skilled builder, he constructed hundreds of homes worldwide; with such passion that Indiana was home to his first LEED-certified house ever built! Guy held several distinguished roles, such as serving on the Board for Builders Association Greater Indianapolis or becoming certified Master Builder – but his skills weren’t restricted solely to construction – his innovative spirit allowed him to also develop construction management software as part of his expertise!

Guy was also known for his literary abilities; most recently publishing “BLUEPRINTS-The Plan of the Day from the Master Builder”. Additionally, his participation in various organizations like Truth at Work, Men’s Bible Study Sigma Chi Indiana Beekeepers Toastmasters were testaments of his many interests and commitment to community service.

What Are Men’s Hobbies and Interests?

Guy had many talents and interests. Beekeeping was among his favorite pastimes and it reflected his nurturing nature more than simply as an activity – it also highlighted his nurturing nature! In addition, Guy excelled as an Eagle Scout, triathlete, pianist as well as founding Team Clydesdale to foster camaraderie among large athletes as a reflection of his sports passions and team spirit.

How Did Faith Influence Men’s Lives?

Faith was at the core of Guy’s life. A devout Christian, he deeply revered scriptures as well as living an ethical lifestyle guided by them. Joshua 1:9, which inspires and comforts him often was particularly meaningful to him and others around him. Likewise, Guy demonstrated these beliefs through his actions – consistently working to promote them among his family, peers and acquaintances alike.

How Can We Honor Guy’s Memory?

Guy was remembered fondly and greatly by those he touched throughout his lifetime, so the celebration of his life provides us all an opportunity to reflect upon his virtues and impactful influence in their lives. A visitation will take place from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Second Presbyterian Church Indianapolis before memorial services in its sanctuary are held at 1pm that afternoon; eventually his remains will be laid rest at Oaklawn Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Indianapolis.

Guy preferred that memorial contributions be given in his name to YWAM Homes of Hope as this gesture ensures his legacy of generosity and service continues after he has passed on.

Guy Madison East lived an extraordinary life of personal, professional, and spiritual achievements. His dedication to family, craft, community involvement and religious devotion have left an indelible imprint upon all who knew him; we take comfort knowing his legacy lives on in those whose lives he touched as well as work he completed.