DIY Escape Room Birthday Parties are great for kids. They’re cheap and easy to set up at home, unlike pricey party places. These engaging escape games require youngsters to work together to solve riddles and escape the room. I’ll show you many entertaining escape room games and printables for the party.

Escape kits are available for 5-year-olds to picky teens. This game is perfect for girls’ and boys’ birthday celebrations. Best of all, you can set up the victoria park escape room party in 30 minutes or less. Please continue reading to organise the ideal escape room birthday party for your child.

What Are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are popular globally because they offer a unique and interesting type of entertainment. These experiences, usually set in themed locales, require players to solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges to “escape” the room at a predetermined time. These thematic locations might be historical mysteries, murder scenes, fantasy, or science fiction. Escape rooms may accommodate various interests due to their diverse themes. The main purpose is to foster cooperation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Participants, usually in small groups, interpret clues, open systems, and solve puzzles together. Effective communication and innovative thinking under pressure are key to group success. Escape rooms are popular for team-building, family vacations, and group celebrations because they are social and engaging. Suspense and the struggle against time add intensity to the experience.

Are escape rooms kid-friendly? 

Escape rooms combine fun, education, and collaboration for youngsters. These immersive adventure games encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperation in kids in an entertaining way.

Children’s escape rooms foster teamwork and collaboration. Children must collaborate to solve puzzles, read clues, and complete assignments on time. This collaborative approach improves social skills and teaches collaboration and communication.

Escape rooms let kids develop their brains. The rooms’ riddles and challenges involve logic, pattern identification, and creativity. This cerebral stimulation can be demanding and gratifying, improving their analytical skills. Escape rooms may also be customised for different age groups, allowing parents or organisers to choose themes and difficulty levels. This keeps problems fun and within participants’ cognitive abilities.

Escape rooms can entertain youngsters and improve their cognition and social skills. Fantasy, adventure, and mystery-themed immersive surroundings capture their imagination and produce unforgettable encounters. Interactive excursions are a fun option for birthdays, family getaways and educational field trips. Parents and organisers must ensure the escape room is age-appropriate and doesn’t overwhelm younger players. A good and safe experience for youngsters requires safety precautions like adult supervision.

Top Ideas for kid-themed escape room

  • Escape the ancient tomb

Most people can’t afford to transform their living room into an old tomb, so consider limiting the play area to the table and ignoring the walls and surrounds. The story can explain this by saying the players locate a stone table with weird items. You can hide clues taped to the floor even if you can’t utilise the rest of the room. Players won’t look till you hint. The topic suits manipulating stone things with symbols. This is a wonderful time to have participants build paper cutout items. How about cutting a stone carving image into 6 pieces that the player must assemble? Or give the player a cutout to fold and glue into a cube to solve a puzzle?

  • Houdini’s Secret Room

Houdini’s 150-year-old mansion is now a museum. You resolve to study his best feats and illusions there. Walking around, your curiosity brings you to a hidden area no one has entered in over a century. while you enter, the door smashes shut, locking you in while the walls progressively close.  Reduce the lights and use candles. Get story-appropriate toys like “crystal” balls, caps, sticks, black tablecloths, etc. Place posters around. Find them in the game kit. Serve food and drinks. This improves game flavour! Download this ready-to-play kit to see the entire tale and outstanding puzzles. 

  • Look for lost treasure 

The letter from your old friend Edward made you choke up. After he grew enamoured with a treasure off Turkey’s coast, you stopped exploring together and haven’t heard from him. At least until yesterday.  The Gilded Carcanet, one of our planned games, begins here. However, Indiana Jones and Uncharted popularised the motif. The journal of their great-grandfather, a treasure seeker who never located the tomb entrance, may have been delivered. Perhaps the gamers uncovered a journal in another treasure hunter’s tomb. In any case, a notepad is ideal for hints. Since they were not meant to be read, the hints were enigmatic.

  • Find the Candy King’s treasure key.

You may have missed the notice, but your players signed up for the sweets King’s annual sweets challenge, where only smart youngsters will figure out the treasure trove combination code. Kid-friendly themes are basic and straightforward. Candy is a good example since it uses bright colours and forms. Puzzles benefit from youngsters’ love of colours and forms. A reference showing each sweet picture adjacent to a letter creates a simple substitution cypher. All candy pictures must be unique, therefore you can utilise the same form in different colours (like jellybeans), chocolates, or a combo. Spell your solution using visuals instead of letters and let the players translate.


Dessert was served after unlocking it. I discovered that making a terrific kid-friendly party places for kids is straightforward. Printing or manufacturing clues and concealing them was quick, and setting the lock to the required combination was simple. Give your youngsters further hints or the right response if required.  No incorrect way. Many strategies exist to produce and hide clues. You may make hints easy or challenging for different ages of youngsters. Our time was excellent. Family fun ensued.