Matthew J. “Matt” Chippeaux was an esteemed member of the Ste. Rte 21 community until his sudden and tragic passing at 34 on January 1, 2024 due to a single-car accident near Hornellsville. Though his life may have been cut short prematurely, Matt left an outstanding legacy as demonstrated through his devotion to family, sports passions and work at H.P. Hood, LLC Arkport – all qualities which this article honors in memory of Matt’s legacy.

How Did Matt Balance Work and Family Life?

Matt Chippeaux was widely known for his strong work ethic as an H.P. Hood sanitation machine operator. While Matt was committed to his job, what really defined him was his devotion and love of family – specifically that of his children for whom he was an attentive, adoring father.

Balancing work life and family life is never easy, but Matt did so with grace and dedication. His children were at the core of his world and he cherished every moment he spent with them – whether that meant an evening at home with them or an adventurous outdoor excursion – ensuring his time spent together would be full of love and lasting memories.

What Were Matt’s Interests and Hobbies?

Matt was committed to both his family and work, yet also found great enjoyment from sports such as weightlifting and kayaking, which kept him fit while providing him a sense of freedom and adventure. These pursuits reflected Matt’s love for nature while encouraging an active, healthy lifestyle.

Matt’s passion for sports was more than just a pastime; it reflected his energy for life. His infectious enthusiasm for physical activities created lasting memories with friends and family alike. These hobbies also provided him with much-needed respite, providing energy to be the best father, colleague, and friend possible.

Who Survives Matt and What Are the Future Plans?

Matt’s legacy lives on through his children: one daughter, Corlie, and three sons Urijah Keegan and Carson who continue his legacy and deeply mourn his absence. Plans are underway for memorial services which will be shared with the community at some point.

Matt’s death has had an indelible mark on his family and they remember him fondly as an outstanding father, dedicated employee and full of energy and enthusiasm. At a forthcoming memorial service we will gather as friends, family and colleagues to commemorate Matt and all he brought into their lives.

How Can the Community Honor Matt’s Memory?

As a way of remembering Matt, donations can be made in his memory to the Finger Lakes SPCA located at 72 Cameron Street Bath New York 14810. Not only would this honor his memory but it would also demonstrate kindness and generosity that characterised Matt’s life.

Matt would want his memory honored in a way that speaks of his compassion. By choosing the Finger Lakes SPCA as a way of commemorating him, his family, friends, and the community have an opportunity to remember his legacy of kindness and humanity in an important way.

Matt Chippeaux was tragically taken from us too soon, yet his life was full of love, dedication, and zest for living. His legacy lives on in his children, workplace contributions, love of sports and the outdoors and community commemorations – each celebrating an eventful life lived to its fullest.