Paul Cable left an indelible mark on his family, community and education field during his life journey from North End roots in Halifax Nova Scotia all the way through to advocacy work for inclusive education – which stands as proof that his devotion was unparalleled and unwavering in making our world more compassionate and welcoming for everyone. We remember him here.

Who Was Paul Cable (Cable Car)? Paul Cable, fondly called by friends and loved ones as “Cable Car,” was an exceptional husband, father and stepfather whose legacy lives on through family ties, friendships and education work he undertook throughout his lifetime.

Which qualities and values defined Paul?

A Proud Northender Paul was born and raised in Halifax’s North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia where he created unforgettable memories with family and friends. How has living there shaped his character and values today?

An Educational Journey.

Paul began his educational journey at St. Joseph’s Church as an altar boy before proceeding on to St. Patrick’s High School where he continued studying education and special needs advocacy. How has this journey informed Paul’s professional path today as an educator and advocate?

A Career Dedicate to Inclusive Education

Paul began his educational journey as a science teacher but quickly expanded into roles such as guidance counselor, vice principal and principal at Richmond School. However, Paul found his greatest fulfillment working within special (inclusive) education; can Paul share how experiences from his family life led to this commitment to making our educational system work for those with special needs?

Paul Cable left behind an important legacy – mainstreaming students with special needs into Halifax public school system. How has his groundbreaking work had an effectful and transformative effect on individual lives while shaping educational practices across Nova Scotia?

A Well-Grounded Individual

Paul had many facets beyond professional life to enjoy outside his daily routine; these included card playing skills, dancing passion and participating in different sports & activities. How have these interests contributed to Paul’s well-rounded character as he brought joy and satisfaction to those he interacted with?

A Great Way to Tell Stories and Create Humor

Paul was famed for his storytelling abilities and quick wit that brought laughter and enjoyment at every gathering he attended, known for his impressions of Santa, Goofy, and Donald Duck that brought smiles across their audiences. Why were weddings, funerals and family get-togethers so popularly attended with Paul as their keynote speaker?

Paul Cable Takes Great Pride in His Family

Paul Cable was immensely proud to take immense joy in supporting and making lasting memories with his grandchildren, whom held an especially dear place in his heart. How have Paul’s love and involvement affected his children as well as stepgrandchildren?

Inclusivity Is Key

Paul Cable’s family believes the best way to remember and honor his memory is through open-mindedness and inclusivity in interactions with individuals who may differ from us – we should carry forward Paul’s message of compassion and understanding every day in our daily lives.

A Final Farewell

Paul has requested to be cremated and interred at Mt. Olivet Cemetery; his remains will then be scattered at a later date by family and friends. As we remember Paul’s journey, we recall one of his favourite impersonations of Porky Pig: “That’s it folks”.

Paul Cable is an example of what an extraordinary life should look like and his legacy lives on through his family, educational contributions, and many people he impacted along his path.