Steven Bartlett was born in Botswana on August 26th 1992. When his family relocated to England when he was two, Bartlett quickly demonstrated a keen eye for business from an early age. Despite these early transitions, Bartlett showed great promise as an entrepreneur even at such an early age.

At 22 years old, Bartlett made an important decision: dropping out of college. With Dominic McGregor as co-founders, they co-founded The Social Chain and Media Chain companies – two which would later propel him to immense success. His bold decision to abandon formal education demonstrated his belief in his entrepreneurial vision and allow it to blossom fully.

Scaling New Heights

By age 27, Bartlett had realized one of every entrepreneur’s dreams – going public with Social Chain and Media Chain. Their meteoric rise to PS300 million value is testament to his business acumen.

Steven Bartlett Expanded into New Enterprises

Steven Bartlett did not rest on his laurels after founding Thirdweb and Flight Story; these companies demonstrated his ability to diversify and innovate within the entrepreneurial space.

Social Media Influence Bartlett’s social media reach extends far beyond his boardroom duties. His posts showcase both business insights and personal anecdotes that resonate with a broad audience.

Literary and Podcast Success

Bartlett has found literary and podcast success simultaneously: his book, “The Happily Charming Millionaire,” captures his business philosophy and has become a Sunday Times bestseller, while his podcast “Diary of a CEO,” with high-profile guests such as Sir Ian McKellen, consistently tops listenership charts; its revenue generated almost PS1 Million Pounds by itself in 2021, showing his ability to monetize his personal brand effectively.

Recognition and Awards Bartlett has received multiple honors at prominent industry awards ceremonies such as Forbes 30 under 30 and Black British Business Awards that recognize his success and influence within business. These achievements demonstrate his status as a pioneer within his industry.

Personal Life

Bartlett prefers to keep his personal life private; however, he has hinted at a relationship in an interview on his podcast; this may suggest an attempt at maintaining both professional and personal balance. Melanie Vaz Lopez of French influencer fame is part of this journey but must remain private.

“Diary of a CEO” Diary of a CEO” is more than just another podcast; it provides unfiltered, raw insights into influential people’s lives – this approach has attracted an enormous weekly following in the UK – second only to one other podcast in its category!


Steven Bartlett’s journey from Botswana to becoming the UK’s youngest investor on Dragons’ Den is nothing short of extraordinary. His story is one of unrelenting ambition, smart business moves and profound understanding of digital space – his story continues to inspire many with evidence of unconventional paths leading towards success.