GradesFixer is an academic resource that gives students the opportunity to refine their writing skills and improve their academic performance. According to GradesFixer reviews the website is intuitive, user-friendly, and takes a personalized approach. It is good to read in reviews that the site takes user privacy seriously. Students can be sure that their data will be protected and they will remain anonymous. This comprehensive guide offers some of the benefits and best features of GradesFixer.

A free essay database

The free essay database on Gradesfixer has samples arranged by categories and types. Some of the categories are literature, science, history, business, economics, and religion. More than 20 different essay types including analytical essays and persuasive essays. When using Grades Fixer, students have free access to the essay database. Perhaps they have to write an essay for a literature course. There are nearly 4,000 free essays on all the most popular books students may have to write about. If they have to write about Hamlet, they can access a GradesFixer essay sample about the main themes of Hamlet. 

Referencing this example can help them to generate ideas, get inspired, and figure out an outline for their paper. Expert writers are available to write students an essay that fits their specific instructions and ensures high grades.

Writing services

Students may need to use GradesFixer’s professional writers if a topic is too complex and they want a solid example to inspire them. The type of assignment, its scope, or subject matter doesn’t matter. Writers have the academic background and experience to do the research and write a quality essay from scratch. They will keep the student’s requirements and deadlines in mind. Students can choose a writer manually or have one automatically assigned to them. 


After students submit assignment details they will get bids from writers. The price they pay will depend on various factors such as the level of the writer and the deadline. For example, if they want a two-page paper with a deadline of ten days, they may get bids ranging from $18 to $28. They will have to choose the bid that works best for them. Students pay the total price in advance but the amount isn’t released to the writer until they accept the final version. They can make as many revisions as they want to the essay. There is also a refund policy. 

Editing and essay grading services

A writer can also help as an essay fixer. The writer will edit or grade an essay a student has written. Students may want to improve the essay or just someone to check the grammar. Essay grading involves assessing factors that determine the overall quality of an essay. This includes its style, formatting, and readability.

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Writing tools

Several useful writing tools are available free of charge on the website. 

  • Students often do not realize how much not using citations correctly impacts their grades. GradesFixer offers a free citation generator. Students can choose a citation style from the many citation styles available and easily generate a biography for an essay. 
  • GradesFixer plagiarism checker is free for students to use. They can scan any assignment to make sure it is unique. The checker is not only technologically advanced but has an intuitive design. Students won’t have difficulty using it to avoid plagiarism risks.  
  • Students who find writing conclusions hard can get help from a conclusions generator. It can generate a result as long as it has over a minimum of 200 words. The length or complexity of an essay doesn’t matter. Students should keep in mind that it basically generates a summary of the essay. This can be helpful but they will need to work on the result to make their conclusion more compelling. 

Study blog

The GradesFixer blog is one of the newer features on the site. There are various blog categories, including study tips and topic ideas. The most helpful section is the topic ideas. Hopefully, the blog will improve over time as it has rather limited value at present. 

Expert Q&A

This contains some popular questions related to literature with answers from GradesFixer experts. There aren’t that many questions at present and students may find it difficult to access what they need due to lack of a search bar. In theory, this is a useful feature, and expanding it and including a search bar could make it very useful. 


Hopefully, this objective review has given you a good idea of what to expect from GradesFixer. With numerous free resources and additional services, it has a great deal to offer students. The company has a track record of keeping thousands of students satisfied over the years. It has a good reputation, a great free database of essays, professional writers, and some useful free tools.