Programming, which most people also know by the name of coding, is an art through which we are able to give instructions to computers and get any type of work done.

Programming is a fundamental skill that everyone should know in the current era because, through it, we can create a lot and contribute to the modern era, like software, Websites, Games, Operating Systems, apps, etc.

Programming is a medium through which we can convey our thoughts or questions to the computer and get any work done by it.

The way we use languages like English and Hindi to talk to each other, we have to learn a language in programming through which we can convey our thoughts and instructions to the computer.

The reason for learning programming languages is that the computer understands only binary codes (0 and 1), and if we want to give some instructions to the computer using these two binary codes, then it will be very difficult for us.

That’s why we learn programming languages, through which it becomes easy to give some instructions to the computer because the syntax of programming languages is very similar to English.

Just as every country has its own language, there are many languages in programming, such as C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript, and More.

And yes, just as there are rules in English Grammar, all programming languages also have their own strict rules and syntax that help us write good, error-free code.

Programming is all about Problem-solving; programming gives you the means to convert your ideas into actionable steps.

What is a program?

In simple words, a set of instructions is called a program, which the computer understands and then executes.

Programming: A Beginner-Friendly Explanation

Programming: A Beginner-Friendly Explanation

To get anything done on the computer using any programming language, we write a program (Source Code), which is converted into Machine Code (Binary Code) by the compiler, and then the computer can understand the instructions given in that program and execute it.

Important Notes on Programming

Coding or programming is a sensitive thing, which means a lot can happen with a small mistake because Computers are precise but also literal. They will do what you tell them.

That’s why Debugging, finding errors, and fixing these errors in programming is a crucial skill that every programmer should know.

It involves carefully reviewing the code, testing different parts, and making adjustments until the program works correctly.

The Beauty of Programming

The great beauty of programming is its versatility. Because of this, you can get anything done from the computer, like making games, designing websites, doing anything in the loop, solving real-world problems, and many more. Some you can do through programming.

Programming is like a gateway that gives you a chance to convert your idea into reality.

Apart from this, programming increases your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In the current era, people are mostly moving towards programming because it not only provides job openings but also brings a lot of change to your nature and lets you learn the skills used in different fields.

That’s why I wish you a Happy coding journey.🧑‍💻