Sportscaster Erin Andrews was known for her dynamic presence in sports broadcasting; her path crossed unexpectedly but beautifully when retired hockey player Jarret Stoll. Since meeting at the 2012 World Series dugout to their star-studded wedding ceremony in Montana and journey through fertility issues together – their love story is one filled with strength, resilience and shared passions.

Who Is Erin Andrews Husband, Jarret Stoll?

Jarret Stoll, husband to Erin Andrews and former professional hockey player in Saskatchewan Canada. As an early childhood passion he played from elementary through high school hockey before eventually turning professional; an experience which his mother Sherri shared during an interview with L.A. Kings in 2014.

Stoll began his professional hockey career with Edmonton Ice (now Kootenay Ice). In 2002 he entered the NHL, starting off on Edmonton Oilers where he quickly made an impression as both player and leader, becoming alternate team captain by 2008. By 2008 he had been traded over to Los Angeles Kings where he held onto his center position until 2015. While at Los Angeles Kings he enjoyed remarkable success including winning two Stanley Cup championships (2012 & 2014).

After leaving the Kings, Stoll made brief appearances for New York Rangers and Minnesota Wild. His career in the NHL wasn’t just defined by his performance on the ice but by his leadership skills and respect from teammates and fans.

Meeting and Courtship

Erin Andrews met Jarret Stoll by chance during the 2012 World Series when they both made an attempt to meet in person – it was serendipitous! Stoll, determined to meet Andrews, entered her dugout where she was reporting and made his bold move a mark of recognition that soon led them both towards dinner – their relationship quickly becoming deeper with time; their bond being defined by shared appreciation of sports as well as understanding about public scrutiny and life under scrutiny.

Courtship between Andrews, famous for her sharp journalism, and Stoll, known for his hockey talents, was marked by both private moments and public appearances that balanced personal with professional commitments. They developed an instantaneous partnership in which mutual respect and affection reigned supreme, setting up for an unforgettable future together.

The Proposal and Wedding

Stoll proposed to Andrews at Disneyland Club 33 during Christmas decorations and festivities; her emotional reaction proved the strength of their bond. They confirmed it later through an amusing Twitter exchange about Lambeau Field weather conditions impacting Andrews ring and then paparazzi presence at LAX airport confirming her engagement to Stoll.

On June 24, 2017–Toll’s 35th birthday–they held an intimate ceremony. Andrews donned an elegant Carolina Herrera gown while Stoll donned an understated classic tuxedo by Brooks Brothers for this celebration of love and commitment in Big Sky, Montana. Notably, Stoll also took an active interest in planning it himself–revealing another side to this sportsman!

Shared Interests and Family Life

Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll share more than an affinity for sports; they’ve created an amazing relationship centered on shared interests and values – including their beloved golden retriever, Howie! Andrews often posts glimpses into their life together online – such as heartwarming posts that feature Stoll with Howie on Father’s Day or simply post cute moments like their first Father’s Day together as father and child!

Andrews openly shared her experience of in vitro fertilization (IVF), including its emotional and physical toll on them, revealing just how difficult and time consuming IVF treatment had become for both her and her partner, but their dedication was unwavering and support for each other was constant. Andrews spoke candidly with PEOPLE magazine about this journey showing their strength as a couple and relationship resilience.

Welcoming Their Son

Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll’s dream of parenthood finally became a reality when, on July 20,2023, they welcomed their son via surrogacy – marking an 11 year-long journey filled with hope, perseverance and love – making this momentous occasion all the sweeter! Not only has the birth of their child brought new members into their family unit but is a celebration of all they had endured together on this path together.

Erin Andrews has spoken openly and honestly about her fertility struggles in both interviews and essays, providing hope and comfort to many facing similar difficulties. Her story serves as an inspirational testament of love, support, and shared ambition.


Erin Andrews and Jarret Stoll’s love story stands as an incredible testimony of shared passions, resilience when facing obstacles, and true partnership. From their chance meeting through wedding and the joyous arrival of son, it has been an inspiring narrative of love, support, and perseverance – an exemplar for many in sports broadcasting that the most impactful narratives come from human interactions that bridge generations – even on television!